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    Accumulate 1000 Foxypoints → Receive S$10 (or equivalent in HKD, MYR, PHP, IND)


    How can I get more Foxypoints?

    • - Sign up to Foxysales!

    Receive  100 Foxypoints  when you register to Foxysales website.

    • - Refer the moms and dads around you!

    Receive  100 Foxypoints for every friend you invite registers to Foxysales.    

    Receive  1000 Foxypoints   when a friend you invited to Foxysales makes his first purchase.

    • - Make a purchase!

    Spend S$1 → Get 1 Foxypoints.


    Foxypoints are calculated before tax/shipping

    In case of an order refund, the earned Foxypoints for this order will be cancelled and the spent Foxypoints on this order will be restored.

    Minimum reward points balance to be available to redeem: 200

    Foxypoints will expire after 100 days if they have not been redeemed – A reminder email will be sent 1 day before the Foxypoints expire.

    Foxypoints cannot be redeemed if a discount code is used for the same order. Amount redeemed using Foxypoints cannot exceed 50% of the order total amount.

    Terms & Conditions:

    Referral by a member is limited to a restricted circle (friends and family). All members are prohibited from issuing any mass referrals to persons outside this restricted circle and are especially prohibited against issuing referrals for the purposes of direct or indirect profit. It is also strictly prohibited for a member to refer himself to Foxysales for the purpose of direct profit.

    If Foxysales should become aware of any serious irregularities/breaches by a member in the use of its referral system, it shall be entitled to take any appropriate steps it may deem in its absolute discretion as necessary and fit to ensure that these irregularities cease, including the deletion of credit earned through abusive referral and termination of the offending member's account. Each member shall be allowed to invite friends to join Foxysales.

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