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    Who we are

    Targeted to busy moms, FOXYSALES is the flash sales website of choice for any woman juggling career, family and child in South East Asia.

    At FOXYSALES, choice and quality come at only one price. NICE.

    About Alexia Sichere - Founder

    Alexia set up Foxysales in 2011 with the aim of offering the best and high quality products to busy mothers at affordable prices. As a working mother, Alexia had no time to go out to physical shops and had to rely on online shops. Foxysales was thus set up, as she realised that there was only a limited range of shopping products available online in South East Asia, when there was so much more which could be offered.

    Before Alexia and her husband settled down in Singapore with their child, she worked as the marketing honcho at a children’s book publishing house in France for 5 years. Even before she had her first child, Alexia was already passionate about the kids industry, especially books and educational toys. She often travels to look for new products for kids, and also sources other types of product too; both online and offline through parenting magazines. She just had her second child and super mom does not stop here. 

    About Maelle Ternot - Partner

    Maelle joined Foxysales as Alexia’s partner early 2012. Her vision is to make all mothers in South East Asia super-stylish, and she is working towards that goal by bringing the most fashionable and trendy outfits to Foxysales.

    Maelle started her marketing career in Dior Couture, Paris in 2005. Before joining Foxysales, she worked for an established French cosmetic brand, Yves Rocher, where she developed her keen eye for colour and seasonal palettes.

    By maximizing her knowledge of fashion and beauty, Maelle is able to bring the latest and most stylish items to Foxysales. This ensures that the selection of items at Foxysales is up-to-date and fashionable for women in their thirties, especially those who are mothers.

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